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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the lighthouses on Lake Superior open to the public?

There are also many lighthouses on Lake Superior and Lake Michigan that you can easily see from your car but they are not open to the public. Some of the off-shore Lighthouses in Lake Superior can be seen by charter boat. Shipwreck Tour or the Pictured Rocks Cruise.

Are there any lighthouses in Michigan?

This map and list will focus on the Lake Superior lighthouses in Michigan, which also means that this is a map and list of Lake Superior lighthouses in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (aka the UP), since Lake Superior only touches the Upper Peninsula portion of Michigan. This is not an exhaustive list of Lake Superior lighthouses.

What is there to do on Lake Superior?

After hours, visit the lighthouse grounds, and stroll the accessible boardwalk to the Lake Superior shoreline. Whitefish Point Light Station was built in 1861 and is the oldest operating lighthouse on Lake Superior. It is one of the most popular Lake Superior Lighthouses.

Where are the best lighthouses in the Great Lakes?

There are also Lake Superior lighthouses along the shores of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario (Canada), but again, this list will focus on Michigan lighthouses. And for more lighthouses around the Great Lakes, see about making it a Lake Ontario lighthouse road trip in New York!

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