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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stannard Rock the most distant lighthouse on Lake Superior?

But professional lightkeeper or Coast Guard boot, all knew it as the North American light station the most distant from land, with Keweenaw Point 25 miles to the west and Marquette a long, rough 42 miles south. The story of Stannard Rock Lighthouse is certainly among the most dramatic of any on Lake Superior.

Who made the light in Stannard Rock Lighthouse?

The tower’s second-order Fresnel lens, manufactured by Henry-LePaute in France, was equipped with twelve flash panels and revolved to produce a white flash every thirty seconds. Stannard Rock Lighthouse stands seventy-eight feet tall and exhibits its light at a height of 102 feet above Lake Superior.

How many levels does the Stannard Rock Lighthouse have?

This drawing made before the building of Stannard Rock Lighthouse shows its interior design. The tower has seven levels, starting from the galley (or kitchen) while there are also spaces below in the crib on which the tower sits.

How old is the lighthouse on Lake Tahoe?

More than 240,000 tons of rock, iron and steel assured the lighthouse was built to last for centuries. The new light was first illuminated July 4, 1882, a classic 19th century tower standing tall and proud against the empty lake and sky. A second-order beehive (classical) Fresnel lens with 12 bull’s-eye prisms sent a beam pattern 25 miles out.

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