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Look up VD, vd, or Vd. in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Venereal disease, now more commonly known as sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection

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Venereal Diseases (VD) Venereal Diseases (also known as sexually transmitted diseases/infections) are often acquired by unprotected sexual encounter (Safe Sex Learn More) with an infected partner.

What is volume of distribution (Vd)?

The volume of distribution (Vd) is a pharmacokinetic parameter representing an individual drug’s propensity to either remain in the plasma or redistribute to other tissue compartments.

What is the difference between high VD and low VD?

(High Vd -> More distribution to other tissue) Conversely, a drug with a low Vd has a propensity to remain in the plasma meaning a lower dose of a drug is required to achieve a given plasma concentration. (Low Vd -> Less distribution to other tissue)

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