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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be fellowship trained?

“Fellowship Trained” indicates the physician or surgeon has shown the highest level of dedication to their field and achieved the highest level of training. For example, an orthopedic physician may finish a fellowship training program in hip and knee surgeries to become an expert.

What exactly is a fellowship program?

A fellowship, however, is a post. It is created by some organization who wants to have some research done by a professional scientist. They create a fellowship position, which is then filled by a researcher. The person who fills this post would then be called a research fellow. In general there is no difference in the kind of work they do.

What is the good fellowship?

Good Fellowship Ambulance Club (GFAC) is an emergency medical service that provides basic, intermediate and/or advanced life support services to ten municipalities including the Borough of West Chester, the townships of West Goshen, East Goshen, Westtown, East Bradford, West Bradford, West Whiteland, Thornbury, Birmingham and Newlin. Learn More.

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