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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define Fellowship?

Fellowship is sharing your time with people who believe the same way you believe. It isn’t required for worship, however it is a nice thing to get together with other believers and share experiences, successes, troubles, prayer etc…The support of others is always a positive thing.

What does the Word Fellowship mean?

fellowship noun A feeling of friendship, relatedness or connection between people. fellowship noun A merit-based scholarship. fellowship noun A temporary position at an academic institution with limited teaching duties and ample time for research; this may also be called a postdoc. fellowship noun

What exactly is a fellowship program?

A fellowship, however, is a post. It is created by some organization who wants to have some research done by a professional scientist. They create a fellowship position, which is then filled by a researcher. The person who fills this post would then be called a research fellow. In general there is no difference in the kind of work they do.

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