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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a copay and a deductible?

• The main difference between copay and deductible is that the deductible is paid only a few times a year until the total deductible is met, whereas copay is made every time a prescription is filled or when the patient visits a healthcare practitioner. Further Reading: Difference Between Deductible and Premium

Does the copay count toward your deductible?

Whether or not your copays count toward your deductible depends on how your health plan has structured its cost-sharing requirements. Most plans do not count your copays toward your health insurance deductible. However, your plan might.

What does copayment with deductible mean?

Copays never accumulate towards the deductible. It means that if there is a deductible on the plan, those services aren't subject to it. If that means copay in your plan, then you'd just pay your copay.

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