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Frequently Asked Questions

Are cashew apples considered as apples?

The yellow or red, conically-shaped, Cashew Apple supports the Cashew Nut, which dangles below it. Technically the Cashew Apple is a pseudocarp, also known as an accessory fruit or “false fruit” since it contains no internal seed. The dangling, external Cashew Nut is the seed of the evergreen tree.

Is it possible to eat a cashew apple?

Yes, a cashew apple can be consumed. While we are accustomed to thinking of the cashew nut as a delicious snack, the cashew fruit can also be eaten. Tea is one of the most common methods to consume it. It is frequently squeezed into a juice in Jamaica.

Can you eat the fruit of a cashew?

The cashew fruit is safe from urushiol and other harmful toxins, making it perfectly edible. The texture of the fruit is fibrous and spongy yet soft to chew on. However, the raw cashew fruit has a strong astringent flavor that may taste completely different from anything you have ever eaten. Some people might be able to eat it.

Are cashew nuts fattening or good for weight loss?

However, tree nuts alone won't promote weight loss. Cashew nuts are healthiest when you eat them instead of unhealthy fats, rather than with unhealthy fats. Cashew nuts can help support weight loss by acting as alternatives to unhealthier ingredients in your foods.

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