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Frequently Asked Questions

How will Towson University’s new overnight police patrol help downtown Towson?

Downtown Towson will be patrolled overnight by two extra county police officers, thanks to grant funding from Towson University. The funding comes in the wake of recent violence that includes the murder of a student in off-campus housing and a shooting on the university campus.

What happened on Towson University’s campus?

In September of 2021, three people, including a student, were shot at a non-sanctioned gathering on Towson University’s campus. Videos posted on social media showed a large group of people gathered at Freedom Square overnight near the academic buildings. A Towson University officer was suspended in the aftermath of the triple shooting.

What is Towson public safety?

Public safety is a priority for TU, our community and business partners, and our elected officials. This broad public-private cooperation is critical to the success and vibrancy of our Towson community.

Where is Towson University’s new office located?

In recent years, Towson University has relocated three of its offices to 401 Washington Avenue — a 12-story office building that it purchased in 2019, according to university staff.

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