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Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring on campus?

The following items are suggested for students to bring when moving on campus: Linens. Towels (bath, hand, and wash cloths) Blankets. Bedding. Egg crate or memory foam mattress topper for added comfort. Twin-extra long mattress pad. Extra-long twin sheets.

What is campus plan?

A master plan is a roadmap for the development and refinement of the campus for the present and future needs of the university. The master plan is the documentation of an approach to physical issues which will help the university achieve its academic and social goals.

Can freshmen have a car on campus?

One of the biggest decisions to make when sending your college Freshman to school is whether or not they should have a car on campus. Some campuses do not allow Freshman to bring cars. If your school allows Freshmen to have cars on campus, this should definitely be an in depth discussion you and your child have weighing the pros and the cons.

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