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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music does disturbed play?

Disturbed is an American heavy metal band from Chicago, formed in 1994.The band includes vocalist David Draiman, guitarist/keyboardist Dan Donegan, bassist John Moyer, and drummer Mike Wengren.Donegan and Wengren have been involved in the band since its inception, with Moyer replacing former bassist Steve "Fuzz" Kmak and Draiman replacing original lead vocalist Erich Awalt.

What is disturbed's very first album?

The band formed when guitarist Dan Donegan, drummer Mike Wengren and bassist Steve "Fuzz" Kmak hired vocalist David Draiman in 1996. A demo tape led to their signing to Giant Records, which released their debut album, The Sickness, in March 2000.

Who sang the song sound of silence by disturbed?

“The Sound of Silence”‘ is a song from the soundtrack Disturbed and Trolls. The song is by Simon and Garfunkel. In the movie Trolls, the song is performed by Anna Kendrick, who is also the voice of Poppy. It played by Poppy’s guitar as Poppy sings about silence with the other creatures that Branch wanted.

Who sings the song disturbed?

When you say Disturbed; This is the song that comes to mind. Starting with the trademark scream of David Draiman followed by the Dan Donegan’s throttle-like riffs accompanied by the steady, strong drumming and strumming of John Moyer and Mike Wenegren, this song is just epic.

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