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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the guy in disturbed?

The Guy is the mascot of the band Disturbed. He is depicted as an antihero, saving people from corporate corruption, often through violent means. He exists within an eternal void in outer space as a shadow of himself, and can take a human form when the time is right or when he's needed.

What does it mean to be disturbed?

The meaning of the word "Disturbed" is a very weird one if anything. There are many sub meanings to the word "Disturbed", from seeing things to sitting in corners caressing spoons. Almost everyone is insane in their own little disturbing way.

What does disturbed mean?

The adjective disturbed has a different meaning. A disturbed person is very upset emotionally and often needs special care or treatment. When disturbed has this meaning, it comes in front of a noun. They help emotionally disturbed youngsters. If someone is disturbed, they are very worried.

What is the definition of disturbed?

Define disturbed. disturbed synonyms, disturbed pronunciation, disturbed translation, English dictionary definition of disturbed. adj. 1. Unsettled, broken up, or altered in structure or function: disturbed soil. 2. Being or resulting from being emotionally or mentally troubled: taught...

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