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Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories is in a pita?

Pita bread has both healthy as well as unhealthy attributes in its nutritional value. As far as calories go, one large pita (60 grams) comes with 165 calories. The same serving of pita bread is very low in fat, with only 1 gram being present. There are also doses of iron and calcium in such a serving of pita bread.

Are pita chips bad for U?

Somehow, pita chips have gotten a not-altogether-deserved “health halo” in the consumer’s eye. They’re usually only slightly healthier than regular chips, due mostly to the fact that they’re baked (with some fat added) Link:

How many calories in chip shop Chips?

Try saying that five times fast. How Many Calories Are In Chip Shop Chips? In a large portion of chip shop chips, which is around 400g, , there will be around 950 calories.

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