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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Penguins Learn to fly?

Penguins learn to fly on an iceberg at a large beach. This ice sheet has the ability to change its height. By buying upgrades to support penguins to fly longer and farther, then the ice sheets will increase height. The higher it gets, the more penguins gain momentum and help it fly higher.

How do Penguins fly game?

The aim of the game is to let a penguin fly as far as you can. Click mouse or press spacebar to get thrown in the air. Click again to shoot the snow cannon. While in the air, push spacebar to flap the penguins wings. Collect fish and powerups for additional points. Enjoy your flight! Penguin Games.

What is a flying penguin?

Miracles of Evolution is a BBC film trailer featuring flying penguins made in 2008 as an April Fools' Day hoax. The film was advertised as compelling evidence for Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. It was largely set on King George Island, which is 75 miles from mainland Antarctica.

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