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Frequently Asked Questions

What is can and how does it work?

As stated earlier, CAN is a peer-to-peer network. This means that there is no master that controls when individual nodes have access to read and write data on the CAN bus. When a CAN node is ready to transmit data, it checks to see if the bus is busy and then simply writes a CAN frame onto the network.

What is Cancan?

can (kæn) n 1. a container, esp for liquids, usually of thin sheet metal: a petrol can; a beer can. 2. another name (esp US) for tin2 3. Also called: canfulthe contents of a can or the amount a can will hold 4. a slang word for prison 5. USandCanadiana slang word for toiletorbuttocks. See toilet 6. (Military) navyUSa slang word for destroyer 7.

What is the difference between can but and cannot but?

Can but and cannot but are formal and now somewhat old-fashioned expressions suggesting that there is no possible alternative to doing something. Can but is equivalent to can only: We can but do our best. Cannot but is the equivalent of cannot help but: We cannot but protest against these injustices. See also help.

When to use can and could in a sentence?

Canand couldare used with verbs such as see, hear, and smellto say that someone is or was aware of something through one of their senses. I can smellgas. I can't seeher.

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