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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use and care for your PEG tube?

PEG feeding tubes are now increasingly used for enteral nutrition for children and adults. PEG may be used with a jejunal extension. PEG feeding is used where patients cannot maintain adequate nutrition with oral intake.

How to give Meds through PEG tube?

Steps for giving medicine through your feeding tube. Draw medication up into your syringe by pulling back on the plunger. Attach the syringe to the end of the feeding tube. Then push on the plunger to give your medication. Flush the tube with 30cc of water after giving your medication.

What is the nursing diagnosis for PEG tube?

Nursing Diagnosis Help. Peg care is done daily, no signs of swelling, redness, or gastric drainage. Trach care is done daily, no signs of redness, swelling or excessive secretions. Lung sounds alternated between clear and equal bilaterally, to coarse bilaterally - when suctioning was needed.

What is a PEG tube feeding?

Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) is an endoscopic medical procedure in which a tube (PEG tube) is passed into a patient's stomach through the abdominal wall, most commonly to provide a means of feeding when oral intake is not adequate (for example, because of dysphagia or sedation). ... PEG administration of enteral feeds is the most commonly used method of nutritional support for patients in the community.

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