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Frequently Asked Questions

What does peg stand for?

PEG, which is the abbreviation of polyethylene glycol, is not a definitive chemical entity in itself, but rather a mixture of compounds, of polymers that have been bonded together. Polyethylene is the most common form of plastic, and when combined with glycol, it becomes a thick and sticky liquid.

Is peg bad for You?

PEGs were originally petroleum based but they can also be created from natural sources. Are they dangerous? In themselves, PEG compounds are not dangerous. Most of them are well tolerated by the skin and are generally considered safe. Even ingestion is possible (in reasonable amounts) as they can be used in laxatives.

Is Peg a carcinogen?

Risks associated with PEG compounds. PEG’s are synthetic chemicals that may be contaminated by the presence of 1,4-dioxane, a chemical that the U.S. government has identified as a probable human carcinogen [1] [3] [2]. Exposure to PEG’s and trace amounts of 1,4-dioxne can lead to a number of health concerns including: Damage to the nasal cavity

What does peg you mean?

The price/earnings to growth ratio (PEG ratio) is a stock's price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio divided by the growth rate of its earnings for a specified time period.

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