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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPT code for PEG tube?

Peg tube check. Hi, CPT Description for CPT code 49465 is "Contrast injection for Radiological Evaluation of gastrostomy,duodenostomy, Jejenostomy, gastro-jejenostomy, cecostomy(or other colonic) tube,from a percutaneous approach including image documentation and report".

What is the CPT code for PEG tube placement?

The codes for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tubes or. Code 49450: Replacement of gastrostomy or cecostomy (or other . Oct 25, 2012 . CPT coding for gastrojejumostomy tube placement is not always straightforward..

What is CPT code for removal of PEG tube?

PEG tube removal should only be done by a trained healthcare provider. If the brand of tube has a soft internal mushroom bolster, it can be removed by pulling. This may cause some transient stinging and burning at the incision site. If it has a balloon internal bolster, the balloon is deflated and the tube is removed.

What is the CPT code for Peg?

Principals of CPT Coding written and published by the American Medical Association states [w]hen a PEG tube is placed by two physicians each physician reports 43246 with the -62 modifier appended.

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