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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a claim to Parkland Community Health Plan?

Paper Claim Submission. Providers may submit medical claims on CMS approved paper forms (CMS-1500 or CMS-1450) to Parkland Community Health Plan. Providers must submit paper claims in the appropriate format and must be legible. Paper Claim forms mailing address: Parkland Community Health Plan Attn: Claims PO Box 560327 Dallas, TX 75356

What is considered confidential information for Parkland Community Health Plan providers?

Parkland Community Health Plan network providers must treat all information that is obtained through the performance of health services as confidential information to the extent that confidential treatment is provided under state and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

Why Parkland Community Health Plan as a managed healthcare partner?

Learn why providers have chosen to join us as their partners in managed healthcare. At Parkland Community Health Plan we focus on operational excellence, constantly striving to eliminate redundancy and streamline processes for the benefit and value of all of our partners.

Why choose Parkland Community Health Plan for asthma and diabetes?

Parkland Community Health Plan offers disease management programs for asthma and diabetes. Members receive education, coaching, and other services to help them better manage their condition.

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