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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Parkland Community Health Plan offer services?

Parkland Community Health Plan offers services through “managed care,” where members choose a health plan and its network of doctors. View the state qualifications and who can apply for Medicaid and CHIP services. Already a Member?

How do I submit an electronic claim to Parkland Community Health Plan?

Providers may submit medical claims electronically to Parkland Community Health Plan using EDI X12 837 5010 transactions. The Parkland Community Health Plan Payer ID for electronic claims is Payer ID # 66917. Parkland and Cognizant Healthcare Services, LLC (a subsidiary of Cognizant Technology Solutions) are partners.

What is the Texas Medicaid&healthcare partnership?

The Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership provides the resources to help providers succeed with their Medicaid practice My Account You must have JavaScript enabled in order to access this part of the site. Please enable JavaScript and then reload this page in order to continue.

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