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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ozoneozonetech?

Ozonetech offers a range of carefully selected high quality ozone monitors and ozone sensors that can either be operated independently or integrated with our generators. Our range of ozone monitors provides real-time continuous monitoring with high reliability and simple operation.

What is the ozone concentration measured by the sensor?

The ozone concentration measured by the sensor (curve (a)) and the concentration measured by an O3analyzer (curve (b)) fitted well when O3was introduced alone in air. However, when 134 ppb O3was generated in the presence of 510 ppb NO2, the concentration determined at the sensor was close to 90 ppb.

Could a new miniaturized ozone generator kill bacteria?

A new miniaturized ozone generator, however, may be about to change that. In a nutshell, ozone gas kills harmful bacteria (and other pathogens) by oxidizing their protective outer membrane, causing that membrane to rupture.

What is ozone (O3)?

Introduction Ozone (O3) is a powerful oxidizing gas and a strong disinfectant used in different processes, including water treatment, gas purification, textile bleaching, and food industries. In workplaces, O3is mainly emitted into the atmosphere from the processes of UV radiation and electric arc welding [1].

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