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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the ozone monitored?

Ozone monitor. An ozone monitor of this type operates by pulling an air sample from the atmosphere into the machine with an air pump. During one cycle, the ozone monitor will take one air sample through the air inlet, and scrub the ozone from the air; for the next cycle, an air sample bypasses the scrubber and the ozone value calculated.

What instrument measures ozone?

hour (g/hr), also known as ozone output. The ozone measurement instrument will read percent by weight (%), or grams per meter cubed (g/m3), also known as ozone concentration.

What is the bad ozone?

Ozone occurs in two layers of the atmosphere. The layer closest to the Earth's surface is the troposphere. Here, ground-level or "bad" ozone is an air pollutant that is harmful to breathe and it damages crops, trees and other vegetation.

What is O3 sensor?

Home → Sensors → Ozone O3 Sensor. Ozone gas (O3) is formed by the combination of three oxygen atoms. It is an unstable gas with a strong and irritating odor. Ozone is corrosive, a strong oxidant and very toxic and is therefore harmful to humans and other organisms.

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