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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Outside Lands cost?

You can also bring up to two factory-sealed water bottles up to one liter each, or a refillable water container. How much do Outside Lands tickets cost? Outside Lands Tickets & Pricing Three-day GA passes start at $375 +fees with layaway options available. VIP GA tickets start at $795 +fees.

Where do you park at Outside Lands?

Outside Lands – October 29-31, 2021: Golden Gate Park : San Francisco, CA. How do you sneak into Outside Lands Reddit? Find a secluded spot, sneak in by your self with wire cutters cutting through a fence. 3. Bribe a security guard to quickly sneak under/over a fence with weed, money or booze.

Where is the entrance to Outside Lands?

The only entrance to Outside Lands is about parallel with 33rd Avenue, but there are limited ways into the park, with 25th Avenue being a main road. On the north side of the park, via the 5 bus, you'll be entering at 30th Avenue, or 36th Avenue if you have VIP.

What is Outside Lands?

Outside Lands was the name used in the 19th century for the present-day Richmond District and Sunset District in San Francisco, California.With few roads and no public transportation, the area was covered by sand dunes and was considered inaccessible and uninhabitable.

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