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Frequently Asked Questions

What is land?

English Language Learners Definition of land (Entry 1 of 2) : the solid part of the surface of the Earth : an area of ground : an area of the earth's solid surface that is owned by someone

What is another word for lands?

Synonyms for lands. commonwealths, countries, nations, sovereignties. (also sovranties), states. Words Related to lands. city-states,

Can you use more than one Lands' End coupon?

No, you may only use one Lands' End coupon per order. Fortunately, shoppers who wish to compound their savings can use coupons that provide an extra discount on sale items. Does Lands' End have a Black Friday sale?

What is the meaning of landed?

Informal To win; secure: land a big contract. Informal To deliver: landed a blow on his opponent's head. To come to shore: landed against the current with great difficulty. To disembark: landed at a crowded dock. To descend toward and settle onto the ground or another surface: The helicopter has landed.

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