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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Native American flute?

19th century. In historical times the first existing examples of the Native American flute appear to date from no earlier than the nineteenth century. Dr. Richard Payne, an authority on this subject, believed that what we now call the ‘Plains style’ Native American flute originated with the Northern Ute tribe.

What are Native American songs?

Native American song texts include both public pieces and secret songs, said to be "ancient and unchanging", which are used for only sacred and ceremonial purposes. There are also public sacred songs, as well as ritual speeches that are sometimes perceived as musical because of their use of rhythm and melody.

What is the Native American flute made of?

Native American Flute. Native American flute. Traditionally Native American flutes were made from cedar. The cedar was very easy to split along the grain so it was ideal for the natives to make a nice long even split. They could then carve it out easily and glue it back together with pitch and the seam would be virtually invisible.

What is the Indian flute?

The first Indian Music Instrument is the Indian Bamboo Flute. The flute is a wind instrument, in the sense that sound is produced when wind is forced through a tube with holes. The sound is varied by varying the effective length of the pipe when the holes are closed and opened.

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