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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play a flute instrument?

In vertical, end-vibrated flutes —such as the Balkan kaval, the Arabic nāy, and panpipes —the player holds the pipe end to his mouth, directing his breath against the opposite edge. In China, South America, Africa, and elsewhere, a notch may be cut in the edge to facilitate sound generation ( notched flutes).

What are the parts of a flute instrument?

A conical flute is made in separate joints, the head joint being cylindrical, the others contracting toward the foot. Two joints were common in the 18th century, the upper being supplied in alternate lengths for tuning purposes.

What is the history of the flute instrument?

A musician who plays the flute is called a flautist or flutist. Flutes are the earliest known identifiable musical instruments, as paleolithic examples with hand-bored holes have been found. A number of flutes dating to about 53,000 to 45,000 years ago have been found in the Swabian Jura region of present-day Germany.

What are the different types of flutes?

There are a few different types of flutes that you might see. The most popular type is the metal flute. This type of flute is made of metal, usually brass or silver. It has a cylindrical bore and is the most common type of flute that you will see. Other types of flutes include the woodwind and the recorder.

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