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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of mud flap hangers are available?

Mud flap hangers support mud flaps on semi-trailers and heavy-duty trucks. Our semi-truck mud flap hangers are durable and easy to install. Choose from straight, tapered and angled configurations in a variety of lengths and finishes with or without conspicuity tape. Find a distributor or contact us to learn more.

Do I need a mounting bracket for my minimizer mud flap?

Yes – in most cases you will need to attach your Minimizer Mud Flap to a mounting bracket arm. There is a wide array of mud flap mounting brackets available from one of our distributors, please contact a Minimizer representative or your local parts distributor for flap mounting options.

What are the different types of mud flap weights?

Some of the choices include, slanted hangers, straight, and coiled hangers. If you need a custom application, we can provide those as well. We can customize most center panels to your liking and have tons of chrome mud flap weights.

Does fast flaps damage mud flaps?

Fast Flaps secure mud flaps without creating any holes in the flap or sacrificing strength. It takes more than 500 pounds of pressure to detach a mud flap from the Fast Flaps stainless steel bar, and the result doesn’t damage the flap.

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