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Frequently Asked Questions

What are bettshd's spring loaded mud flap hangers?

BettsHD’s spring loaded mud flap hangers are uniquely engineered to meet the FMVSS108 standards mandated for all trucks manufactured after 1 July 1997. Our spring-loaded mud flap hangers are available in a variety of configurations to meet your needs.

What is the best place to buy a mud flap hanger?

BettsHD is a single, reliable source for safety-related products focused on heavy duty tractor/trailer applications, including mud flap hangers; conspicuity solutions; quarter, poly and metal fenders; bracket kits and accessories; application solutions; and custom design/manufacturing.

What is Betts spring manufacturing?

BettsHD has been a leader in spray-suppression products and fenders for nearly 60 years and holds numerous patents, including the first patent granted on spray suppression mud flap hangers in 1954. View the worldwide debut of the Science Channel’s segment on spring manufacturing featuring Betts Spring Manufacturing on “How It’s Made”.

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