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Frequently Asked Questions

How much damage do you lose in Maplestory Reboot?

However, monsters in the reboot server have a higher XP thus causing 5% damage loss per level. Now I will get straight to the Maplestory Reboot leveling guide giving you a general overview of the best training spots. 1-10 Tutorials/ Starter Quest lines Level 10-25: Golem’s Temple (Mixed flaming Golems)

Can you go to the recommended level in Maplestory?

You can only go to the recommended level if you have more than one character in your account, providing link skills and legion buffs. Similarly, if you are playing on the regular server and have multiple buffs and strong leveling items then you can go to the training spots a few levels before. Finding maps in Maplestory is straightforward.

Should the 2022 MapleStory leveling guide be a Lost Ark?

The 2022 leveling guide should be a Lost Ark leveling guide since Maplestory is completely unplayable. Funny that I found this comment 3 months later. I'm currently playing Lost Ark and noticing a bunch of Maplers playing.

Should I farm for Mesos in Maplestory Reboot?

Some will argue that it is far easier farming for Mesos especially if you have pets. So if you have money to spend, you can go for the normal servers which take less time to progress. If you do not have extra cash and have time on your hands to farm for Mesos, then you should probably go for the reboot server. Why is the Maplestory reboot popular?

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