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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach MapleStory level 10?

We have already mentioned all Maplestory training spots and their locations but now let’s find out how to reach there instantly. For the unversed, there are no specific training spots between level 1 to level 10. The best and easiest way to reach level 10 in the game is to follow the job tutorial quests.

Is there a MapleStory training guide?

Since it has numerous maps to explore and plenty of monsters to eliminate, there are thousands of Maplers who have recently been searching for a Maplestory training guide. Those who have just started playing it must be finding it hard to find monsters aka mobs suitable for their training at their current level.

What is the MapleStory gaming YouTube channel?

The MapleStory gaming YouTube channel! Here you can mainly find training guides, meso, reboot and other guides for your viewing pleasure! We also do pre big bang nostalgic videos and play other MMORPGs as well on both android mobile and pc.

Should the 2022 MapleStory leveling guide be a Lost Ark?

The 2022 leveling guide should be a Lost Ark leveling guide since Maplestory is completely unplayable. Funny that I found this comment 3 months later. I'm currently playing Lost Ark and noticing a bunch of Maplers playing.

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