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Frequently Asked Questions

What size Lange Wand should I get?

This is why I say when in doubt, go for a titanium Lange curling wand. CURLING WAND SIZE. The next big decision is the size of the wand. 25 MM Wand. The 25MM is the smaller of the two sizes. When in doubt, go for the 25MM. I think this is a great first-size for everyone. It is ideal for: Shoulder length or shorter hair; Breast or shorter hair

How to get perfect curls using the curling wand?

Curling wands can be used on natural hair too! Some easy steps to follow to give hair amazing volume and curls using a curling wand: 1. Start with freshly washed and detangled hair. 2. Blow out hair (make sure to use heat protectant) 3. Detangle hair properly, making sure there are no knots or tangles so the curling wand can work it’s magic ...

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