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Frequently Asked Questions

What is curling and how does it work?

Curling is a team sport – either men’s, women’s or mixed – played on ice. Two teams take turns sliding the granite stones across a 150-foot long,15-foot-7-inch wide sheet of ice towards a target which is known as the house.

Is curling a must-watch?

However, there is one in particular that seems to capture the hearts and minds of many every time: curling. Whether it be the seemingly manic brushing done in front of the stone or the incredible skill needed to accurately slide stones into precise positions from so far away, curling becomes must-watch TV.

What is the highest score in curling?

Scoring. Eight points – all the rocks thrown by one team counting – is the highest score possible in an end, and is known as an " eight-ender " or "snowman". Scoring an eight-ender against a relatively competent team is very difficult; in curling, it is considered the equivalent of pitching a perfect game in baseball.

Where did curling originate?

Although its exact origins can’t be accurately traced, curling is a sport believed to have originated in the 16th century. Paintings from Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel appear to portray an activity similar to curling being played on frozen ponds.

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