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Frequently Asked Questions

Is InfoWars a scam or legit?

Infowars supplements are legit!!! I have tried almost all of their products. They work great for me. I can honestly say that his supplements have changed my life in numerous ways. If your on the fence about their products go on and try them!!!

How much do InfoWars supplements cost?

Here's What's In Them. We Sent Alex Jones' Infowars Supplements To A Lab. Here's What's In Them. "You could grab a bottle for around $10 and skip the 2X+ price markup from Infowars," one lab review reads.

How do I contact InfoWars customer service?

Infowars does not even offer that! Instead you have to call customer service, not the order line, if you call the order line they will tell you that you have to call customer service. There are no other phone numbers. However, customer service almost never answers the phone, and instead it goes straight to voicemail.

What do consumers complain about InfoWars?

Consumers complaining about Infowars most frequently mention customer service and credit card problems. Infowars ranks 27th among Blog sites. Alex Jones shows the corruption in the government no matter what party is responsible. No answer, left message and no call returned, emailed the customer service and no reply.

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