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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the alexapure pro at Infowars?

With the Alexapure Pro at Infowars, you can take advantage of the same powerful benefits that Alex Jones and the Infowars Crew filter water through everyday for clean, healthy and delicious drinking water. With the Alexapure Water Filter, you can be sure that you'll be healthy and refreshed for much less than other water filtration competitors.

Why choose the alexapure breeze air purification system?

It's powerful, quiet, and effective. Compared to it's existing competitor air filters, the Alexapure Breeze Air Purification System is the best and the most affordable, bar none. Come see why the Alexapure Breeze at the Infowars Store has hundreds of positive reviews!

What is InfoWars air purification system?

Infowars Store is proud to introduce the revolutionary air purification system that can dramatically improve the air in your home. With the toxins that we all know are in the air, it's important that we're able to stay safe breathing in our own home.

How many filters come with my alexapure Pro system?

Each Alexapure Pro system comes with one Alexapure gravity block filter w/ hybrid ceramic shell. However, your Alexapure Pro system has the capacity for up to 4 filter units, allowing you to increase the flow rate exponentially without sacrificing water quality.

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