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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in Eng vs IND 4th Test live cricket?

ENG vs IND, 4th Test Live Cricket Score Updates: India take 2-1 series lead! A memorable bowling performance from India, taking 10 wickets in two sessions and a few more overs on Day 5, on a pitch that didn't have any real demons. This team is amazing.

Will India take England match with both hands?

Goes onto say that if England will give a chance to them, India will take it with both hands. Credits Shardul Thakur and says that his first innings made the difference and his fifty in the second innings was noteworthy as well.

Did Virat Kohli review the decision in the India vs England match?

The umpire shakes his head but the review is taken quickly by Virat Kohli. We can see that there is no bat involved and Ball Tracker shows that the ball did pitch in line and it was going on to hit middle and off. The decision is overturned and the Indians can smell victory.

Did India win the 4th Test by 157 runs?

India have won the fourth Test by 157 runs and have taken a crucial 2-1 lead heading into the final Test. Incredible scenes all around the stadium. This cracker of a series just keeps swinging like a pendulum. out, OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND!

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