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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a live score?

Live scores is a type of service offered by many sports-related websites and broadcasters as well as online sports betting operators. The idea of live scores is to provide real time information about sports results from various disciplines.

What is the score of India?

India has made 400 Thrice in ODI history and the Highest score of India is 418, yes its the same match in which sehwag made double century, next to Sachin tendulkar and become the first ever captain to score 200 in cricket history. Here is the Video of India’s highest Score in cricket.

What is cricket one day match?

One-day cricket is a form of cricket which can be played in a single day. It is also called "limited overs" cricket. A one-day match is a game of one innings per side, played on a single day. Each innings is restricted to a maximum number of overs - 50 is standard, but 40 or 60 are sometimes used.

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