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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lewis structure for HClO3?

A step-by-step explanation of how to draw the HClO3 Lewis Structure (Chloric Acid). When we have an H (or H2) in front of a polyatomic molecule (like CO3, SO4, NO2, etc.) we know that it's an acid. This means that the Hydrogen atoms will be attached to the outside of the oxygen molecules.

What is the anhydride of HClO3?

Finally, HClO3 only exists in solution. Any attempt to isolate HClO3 by taking away the water results in decomposition. More sharing options... So, for HClO3 and HClO2 there is no true anhydride.

What is the formula for 3hclo3?

• 3HClO = HClO3 + 2HCl • 3H2I2 + HClO3 = HCl + 3I2 + 3H2O • HNO3 + KClO3 = HClO3 + KNO3 :: Chemistry Applications::

What is HClO3 + Koh + RbOH + H2O?

• HClO3 + KOH = H2O + KClO3 • HClO3 + 5HCl = 3H2O + 3Cl2 • 2HClO2 = HClO + HClO3 • HClO3 + RbOH = RbClO3 + H2O

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