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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct name for the compound HClO3?

Which is the correct name for the compound HClO3? Chloric acid. Which type of bond has one pair of electrons shared between atoms? Single covalent. Dihydrogen oxide chemical formula. H2O. Silver chloride formula. AgCl. Chlorine trifluorate formula. ClF3. Why is it necessary to use prefixes in naming covalent compounds?

Is HClO3 ionic or molecular?

Is HClO3 ionic or molecular? HClO3 is a strong acid and it completely dissociates into the ions in solution. The molecular geometry of HClO3 is trigonal pyramidal. In the HClO3 Lewis structure, a total of 7 lone pairs and 6 bonded pairs are present.

What is the use of HClO3?

HClO3(aq) Perchloric acid: HClO4(aq) Hydrosulphuric acid: H2S(aq) Click to see full answer. ... Avenova is the only hypochlorous acid product that is FDA cleared for safe, long-term use while reducing bacterial load on the lids and lashes, helping to keep your lids & eyes healthy.

What is the chemical name for HClO3?

The chemical name for ClO3– is “chlorate ion”. What is the common name for HClO3? - YouTube

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