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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is HClO3 considered a strong acid?

2) HClO3 is stronger because chlorine is more electronegative than iodine. The more electronegative the element is the more strong or acidic it becomes. Chlorine being more electronegative than Iodine makes it easier for it to pull the electron of hydrogen more strongly and hence has a higher tendency to release a H + unit.

Why is HClO3 a stronger acid than HClO2?

The general rule is that the acid is stronger if it has more O atoms in a series such as this. HClO4, perchloric acid, is a very strong acid as is HClO3. HClO2 is a weak acid and HClO is even weaker.

Which is the strongest acid, HClO4 or HBrO3?

Among these three acids HClO3 is the strongest acid, with greatest Ka and lowest pKa value (-1), Then comes HBrO3, its the second most strongest acid among the three, its Pka value is 0.7, higher than HClO3 but smaller than HIO3 (i. e. 0.77) which the weakest acid among the three.

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