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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a gene mutation?

Several factors cause genetic conditions, including: Mutation of one gene (monogenic). Mutation of multiple genes (multifactorial inheritance). Mutation of one or more chromosomes. Environmental factors (chemical exposure, UV rays) that change your genetic makeup.

What are the types of genetic mutations?

Types of genetic mutations include: Germline mutation: A change in a gene that occurs in a parent’s reproductive cells (egg or sperm) that affects the genetic makeup of their child (hereditary). Somatic mutation: A change in a gene that occurs after conception in the developing embryo that may become a baby.

What are the effects of gene mutations?

Gene mutations although cause minute change in the base pairing, its impact is largely felt by the organisms bearing such mutant gene. Generally mutations are harmful or deleterious and do not produce visible effects. Less than 20% mutations are lethal. The mutant genes when present in homozygous condition cause death of the organism.

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