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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best flute for beginners?

Both a beginner and student model flute will most likely be made out of a nickel and silver alloy which it is far more durable than silver alone. The most popular plating for a flute is silver because of its brilliance, while nickel-plated flutes are a more affordable option.

What are the notes of the flute?

The modern flute is usually made of silver or silver mixed with another metal, which gives it a brilliance in its upper notes, and a clarity in its lower notes. This flute uses the Boehm system of keys and has five open holes. The top section of the flute is called the head joint.

What is the range of notes can a flute play?

What Is the Flute's Range? Other Common Flutes. The piccolo sounds an octave higher than the concert flute, ranging from C5 to C8. ... Rare Low Flutes. The contra-alto flute plays from G2 to G5, while the contrabass or octobass flute plays from C2 to C5. Rare High Flutes. ... Non-Western Flutes. ... Flute Ranges in Hertz. ...

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