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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch FiOS TV on my computer?

Yes you can watch some FIOS TV content on your laptop at home or abroad. You can access this content using our FIOS TV ONLINE or Flex View features. To access FIOS TV ONLINE you can go to the following link.

How to reset FiOS TV?

Here's how to do it. Press the power button for 15 seconds or unplug the power cord from the equipment for 10 seconds; then plug it. Choose one of the following methods to resolve this issue: Use In-Home Agent to automatically reset your FiOS TV equipment. Follow the reset instructions to manually reset your router and Set-Top Box.

What channel is yes on FiOS?

The YES Network will be the first regional sports network in the country available in all FiOS TV markets - at no additional charge. YES programming is available on Channel 595 to Extreme HD subscribers outside of YES' home markets throughout New York state and in northern and central New Jersey.

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