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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FiOS better than cable Internet?

If your core need is high-speed Internet, Fios is generally the best choice. Cable is fast enough for most people, but even the more expensive residential plans fall short on upload speeds and ping compared to Fios. Fiber makes these issues much less common. Keeping this in consideration, is Fios the same as cable?

How much does FiOS cost?

FIOS Internet-only costs $40 for 100Mbps speed per month. Those customers who need more bandwidth than provided, Verizon FIOS, also offer a Gigabit Internet Connection, which is 940 Mbps, and it costs around $80 per month.

Does FiOS actually work?

Does FiOS actually work? Short answer – Yes! Fios fiber internet runs on Verizon’s most reliable, 100% fiber optic network, delivering superfast download and upload speeds for improved web browsing, content streaming, online gaming, VoIP calling, and more.

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