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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best file sharing site?

Here is a list of the best file sharing websites. Google Drive Obviously this is the most popular online data and file storage site created by Google LLC. You can store any kind of data you want like photos, videos, or recording. At first Google Drive provides a free storage of 15 GB for anyone with a Google account.

What is the Best Free File Transfer software?

Top 10 Best Free (FTP/SFTP) Software windows 2021 Winscp. Hey guys, if you need a simple and easy-to-use FTP/sftp client, then this one is for you. ... Cyberduck. FTP/SFTP both platforms. Coreftp. It's another great advanced featured ftp/sftp client . ... Filezilla. This is one of the best open source FTP client in the world. ... Ws_FTP professional. ... Free FTP coffee up. ... Smart ftp. ... Flash fxp. ... Transmit. ... FOFF. ... More items...

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