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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limitations of the Langmuir isotherm?

The principal weakness with a Langmuir isotherm is that it measures the amount of gas the shale can hold, so it will overestimate gas volume if the shale is depleted. Core analysis is required to generate a Langmuir isotherm (Figure 12.10). Typically, the units for the Langmuir volume parameter (VL) are scf/ton.

What is the Langmuir capacity of stearic acid adsorption?

The amount depends on the choice of anionic anchoring group and the solvent mixture. Adsorption of stearic acid from THF solution gives a Langmuir capacity of 52 mgg −1, while adsorption from toluene solution gives a capacity of 86 mgg −1 ( Papirer et al. 1997 ).

How do I interact with fireshare?

You can interact with FireShare by: Uploading your CAD design files and project pictures to share your work with the FireShare community. Downloading project files that were uploaded by other members of the Fireshare community to cut as-is or simply modify for your own personal applications!

Does fireshare support G-code files?

NEW: FireShare now supports uploading G-Code files for FireControl and Mach3. Explore user-uploaded projects. Get free project files. Cut your projects.

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