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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a return to work form?

This return to work form can be used by an employee coming from prolonged absence (e.g. due to injury or sickness) to list days of absence and its cause. With the current coronavirus pandemic, it can also be used to help assess how the employee can be safely reintegrated back into the workforce as offices/work sites reopen or resume operations.

What is a return to work risk assessment form?

The return to work plan aims to include the necessary steps required to achieve the objectives agreed on by the employee and the manager. This return to work risk assessment form is intended to be used to list the identified safety implications associated with the return to work process of employees that are high-risk.

How to send a return to work letter?

As soon as the employee returns to work, he should contact the HR department to confirm his attendance. Then he should email a copy of his return to work letter template to his superiors on the same day. In cases where an employee takes an extended leave, he might even have to submit additional documentation for the reinstating of his benefits.

What is a return to work interview template?

Return to Work Interview Template This Return to Work Interview Form is designed as a guide for the manager when meeting with employees on their return to work from sickness absence. It can help the manager to structure interviews better while still being able to document responses better with open-ended questions.

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