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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of return?

n. the act or fact of returning as by going or coming back or bringing, sending, or giving back:We should appreciate your return of the book immediately. a recurrence:the return of the moon each month. reciprocation, repayment, or requital:profits in return for outlay. response or reply. a person or thing that is returned:returns of mill goods.

How do you return to a place?

There are many ways to return — you can come back to a place, state, or activity, the way you return to jogging after getting a drink, or return to a feeling of sadness after brief cheer. You also might return something to someone else: "I need to return the book she loaned me," or "He returns her smile across the crowded room."

What is the difference between return and put it back?

If you return something that you have borrowed or taken, you give it back or put it back. I enjoyed the book and said so when I returned it. [VERB noun] The car was not returned on time, then was reported stolen. [VERB noun] Return is also a noun . If you return something somewhere, you put it back where it was.

What happens if you return something?

If you return something somewhere, you put it back where it was. If you return someone's action, you do the same thing to them as they have just done to you. If you return someone's feeling, you feel the same way towards them as they feel towards you.

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