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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between logP and logD?

logD is a log of partition of a chemical compound between the lipid and aqueous phases. The most popular lipid phase is octanol. LogP is equivalent to logD for non-ionisable compounds and represents the partition of the neutral form for ionizable compounds (and, hence, is a virtual, unmeasurable, property).

Can there be a large difference in log d and log s?

Yes, there can be a large difference if the compound contains ionizable groups. If compound containing ionisable group then there will be difference in logP and logD value. logD value is pH dependent. is there ant tool available for the calculation of Log D and Log S ?

What is a low log P?

Injectable -Low Log P (below 0) Oral -Medium (0-3) Transdermal -High (3-4) Toxic build up in fatty tissues - Very High (47) It is the effective lipophilicity of a compound at a given pH, and is a function of both the lipophilicity of the un-ionised compound and the degree of ionisation.

What is log d in pharmacological research?

And since most compounds investigated in pharmaceutical and pharmacological research contain ionizable sites, it’s not log P we should be concerned about, but log D. Log D describes the distribution of all forms of the compound at a specific pH. Un-ionized, ionized, ionized at some other position—all species go into the equation.

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