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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a synonym for between?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for between. betwixt. amid. (or amidst), among. (also amongst), mid, midst, through.

What is the difference between among and between?

Among may apply to any number; between applies to two only. It is perhaps imprecise to refer to Vizetelly’s admonition above as a rule, but since “strong recommendation based on ignorance of lexical history and disregard for nuance” is too long to write every time, let’s call it a rule. So why do we have it?

When to use between?

Between has been used of more than two since Old English; it is especially appropriate to denote a one-to-one relationship, regardless of the number of items. It can be used when the number is unspecified economic cooperation between nations , when more than two are enumerated between you and me and...

What is between the lines?

As an accompaniment to the show, a web series called Between the Lines has been released, featuring eight two-minute webisodes. The web series follows the character Amanda as she interviews students at Pretty Lake High as an assignment for the school's yearbook.

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