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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose PA over MD?

Well, there are many reasons. From a financial standpoint it is much cheaper to pay for PA/NP school than medical school, with medical school costing an average of 3x more in total 4 . That being said, when you look at the figures, doctors over the course of their career make up for this with much bigger salaries than PA/NPs.

Is a MD better than a do?

Yes and no. On average, an MD and a DO practicing family medicine earn about the same. However, more MDs go into specialized fields, which make more, therefore raising the average salary for MDs. A DO is not less qualified than an MD.

Can a pa become a MD?

To be an MD, go to medical school, match, complete a residency, and obtain board certification in your chosen specialty. Nothing a PA does impacts that in any way. PA school is not medical school, doesn't meet the WHO definition of medical school, and conveys no structured advantage in med school application.

What is an osteopathic doctor vs MD?

Physicians with a Doctor of Osteopathy degree tend to practice primary care, whereas majority of physicians with a Medical Degree (MD) tend to specialize. This has nothing to do with the capabilities of the physician, but rather the difference in philosophy of healthcare, with DO being more preventative and MD being more reactive.

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