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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between aorta and artery?

The key difference between aorta and artery is that the aorta is the biggest artery that carries oxygenated blood from the heart, while artery is a blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood into other organs, tissues, and cells in our body. The heart is one of the main organs in our body.

What is the function of the internal carotid artery?

Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to various parts of the body. The common carotid arteries are two of the most important blood vessels that carry blood to the brain. There are two common carotid arteries, one on each side of the neck.

What does internal carotid artery mean?

What Is. The internal carotid arteries supply oxygen-rich blood to your brain. The external carotid arteries supply oxygen-rich blood to your face, scalp, and neck. Carotid artery disease is serious because it can cause a stroke, also called a “brain attack.” A stroke occurs if blood flow to your brain is cut off.

Is carotid artery the same as carotid sinus?

The carotid sinus, or carotid bulb, is a widening of a carotid artery at its main branch point. The carotid sinus contains sensors that help regulate blood pressure. The carotid artery pulse can normally be felt in the neck by pressing the fingertips against the side of the windpipe, or trachea.

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